Collapsible Measuring Wheel
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Collapsible Measuring Wheel
Measure range: 0-9999.9M
Weight: 1.2kg
Wheel diameter:32cm or customized
Length:96cm or customized
Foldable length:48cm or customized
Color: yellow

Professional road distance measuring tool, perfect for surveyor, builder worker, farmer etc. 

【High Durability Wheel】Yellow wheel made of TPR rubber, which is weatherproof, wear-resisting and anti-deformation, features long service life
【Multi Purpose Apply】Widely used in measuring large scale site, road avenue construction, farmland management and traffic accident
【Mechanical Dial】The distance counter is driven by a mechanical gear, Mechanical dial plate adds when moving forward and subtracts     when reversing           
【Easy to Operate】Designed with ergonomic handle, effortless to push big wheel, non-slip handle facilitates accurate measurement
【Convenient in use】Folding wide kickstand keep the wheel standing stable, and two-stage folding design great for storage and carrying