PVC Color Film
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Hard and Soft Degrees:PHR20-60

Product Characteristics:
(1) Film is opaque. It can made into different colors and different levels of hide light effect.
(2) Various of surface veins if it is needed. 
(3) Good flat. thickness and thinness are even, gram is accurate ,low shrink rate.
(4) Cold resistant, anti-fire, UV, anti-static,defend being mould ,anti-aging ,pearly-lustre,aroma and other special requirements according to customer’s demand.
(5)The products totally exceed the national standards, could be required to meet EN-71-part3,ROHS,ASTM-F963,Low Phahalates standards.
Products applications : It is widely used for all kinds of packaging products, cold lamination advertising , case;bags ,recreation;sports products, ,inflatable products, household products documents certificates, clothing umbrellas, compounded products, the plastic floor.. etc.