Foldable Distance Measuring Wheel
Current location : MEASURING WHEEL

Aluminum foldable handle

Precision counter with brake wheel

Measuring range:99999.9m


Wheel diameter:322cm or customized

Length:102cm or customized

Foldable length:70cm or customized

Color: yellow or customized




Measuring wheel also called mechanical ranging car or digital distance measuring is widely used to

measuring distance in professional surveying and mapping work,road engineering, landscape planning and

design,golf course and lanes ect.


1. Ergonomic handle with backlit digital display provides easy-to-read measurements at a glance. 
2. Digital display measures to 1", or 1 cm increments. 
3. Memory stores up to five measurement values that user can quickly recall. 
4. 2-Section aluminum telescopic handle with quick clamps for easy storage.