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Marking flag : Our reusable,vinyl Marking Flags are the economical way to mark construction sites, roads, boundaries, utility lines, landscaping and more.These durable flags are made to last.

Mark utilities,boundaries and crop rows

Available in many

colors : Red,Yellow,White,Orange,Blue,Green,Fluorescent Red,Fluorsecent Lime and Fluorescent Pink etc

From utility construction to line locating,hardware to forestry,landscaping and lawn care to pet Ensure consistent communication and long-lasting visibility for your project

The size are 2.5"x3.5"-15", 2.5"x3.5"-21",2.5"x3.5"-30" ,4"x5"-21" and so on.

Package : 100 pcs /bundle

PMFR(Flo Red)
PMFO(Flo Orange)
PMR (Std Red)
PMDR (Std Dark Red)
PMFP ( Flo Pink)
PMY (Std Yellow)
PMFP(Flo Lime)
PMFG(Flo Green)
PMG (Std Green)
PMFB(Flo Blue)
PMB (Std Blue)
PMP (Std Purple)
PMW (Std White)