PVC Color Film
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Hard and Soft Degree:PHR20-60

Product Characteristics:
(1) Film is opaque. It can be made into different colors and different levels of light-hiding effect.
(2) Various  surface veins if it is needed. 
(3) Good flat. thickness and thinness are even, gram is accurate ,low shrink rate.
(4) Cold resistant, anti-fire, UV, anti-static,defend being mould ,anti-aging ,pearly-lustre,aroma and other special requirements according to customer’s demand.
(5)The products totally exceed the national standards, could be required to meet EN-71-part3,ROHS,ASTM-F963,Low Phahalates standards.
Products applications : It is widely used for all kinds of packaging products, cold lamination advertising , case;bags ,recreation;sports products, inflatable products, household products documents certificates, clothing umbrellas, compounded products, the plastic floor.. etc.